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Teacher Stuff on the Net - Resources and Opportunities for teachers
If you have suggestions for this area please email me at and I will consider them for this area of the newsletter. I would love to include in this area workshops or internet resources that would be of value to teachers.

Hundreds of Free Calalogs - Catalogs are great resources to use in the classroom for math and writing activities.

Free Catalogs

Free Brochure - Get Your Degree Online

Bargain Books and Closeout Books - 1000s of books that are 60-90% off. There are many children’s books listed on this site. Books make great gifts for children and grandchildren.

Find Old Classmates Free with GradFinder

Directory of Graduate School Programs

Distance Graduate Schools - Earn a Masters Degree at home

Study Abroad in England

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Good Thoughts for the Day
Children are like wet cement -- whatever falls on them makes an impression.

In the News the Week

Will it Ever End? - New Violence Erupts in the Middle East,6260,104421,00.html

New York Times Word of the Day - magnate

On this Day in History (New York Times)

From our readers:

There was no newsletter on Friday. My cable modem was out and was not restored until late last night. I live in a area where there is construction on new apartments and renovation on existing apartments. During the month of March my cable line was cut 7 times by construction workers. Luckily most of the work on this newsletter has been done at night when there is no chance of workers cutting my cable line. Doing searches for the topics for this newsletter take a great deal of time even with a fast cable modem. It takes what seems forever with a 56 K modem. Hopefully April will be better. There will be several days the first week of May that there will be no newsletter while I move to a temporary apartment so mine can be renovationed.

I am sending this out on Sunday Evening. Was just told the electricity will be turned off in the morning so that the underground cables that were done last week can be connected to the pole.


This is a suggestion to one of your readers in reference to using literature to help her students learn about the Holocaust... I just read "The Four Perfect Pebbles" with my class. The author is an absolute doll. She came to our school to speak with the children and they loved her! Additionally, suggest to her to show her students an afterschool special called "The Wave"...both are marvelous!
If you want I have a whole bunch of books for children in my classroom...let me know if you want me to send you the titles & authors?

I am an extended studies teacher of students in grades 1 through 6. I am developing a unit on hermit crabs. Do you have any lessons and/or information that will aide in the process? These are terrific critters for classroom pets. Thank you. I appreciate and enjoy your newsletter.
Thank you,
Pam Martin

I will try and have something on this tomorrow.

I am looking for ideas on the book Number the Stars by L. Lowery. If possible can you give me any web-sites or references you may have. Thank You,
K. Walter

See the second section below.

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Today’s Links - Holocaust Links - Please these links for content and graphic nature before using these with your children. Some may not suitable for children.

Holocaust Activities and Lesson Plans for Elementary- High School

Teachers Guide to the Holocaust

Lesson Plan for "Rescued from the Holocaust"

Holocaust Studies and Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan - Holocaust

Holocaust Unit and Lesson Plan

The Holocaust - a Tragic Journey

Historical Topics

Abe’s Story - An Interactive Journey

Anne Frank - Her Life and Times

Anne Frank in the World

Nicole’s Anne Frank Page

Anne Frank (Britannica)

About the Holocaust

Cybrary of the Holocaust

Photos of the Holocaust

Holocaust History Project

Holocaust Photo Exhibition

Holocaust Pictures

Horrors of the Holocaust

Memorabilia and Images - from the Alice Harkavy Karp Holocaust Research Collection

The Jewish Holocaust 1933-1945

Holocaust Era Issues

Documents Relating to the Holocaust War Crimes and Genocide

History of the History of the Dachau Concentration Camp

Images of the Camps

The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials

The Rise of Adolph Hitler

The History of Hitler’s Youth

Holocaust Facts

Hitler and Poland

Hitler Historical Museum

Hitler, Man of the Year 1929

The Development and Psychology of Hitler

Teacher’s Guide to Adolph Hitler

Adolph Hitler Resources - Table of Contents

Holocaust Timeline

Number by the Stars Resources

Number by the Stars Activities

Beyond Number by the Stars Internet Sampler of the Holocaust

Oldies but Goldies - Great Links from Past Newsletters

Daily Activities for Children from Frank Shaffer

Fantastic Web Tips for Multiplication

Anatomy of a Heart Beat (Lesson Plan)

Healthy Heart Activity (Lesson Plan)

About Rainbows

Your Dictionary Online - Look up words in many languages

Superteach - Your Online Grammar Tutor

Grammar Blast Game

Fun Brain Math and Grammar Games

Math Lesson Plans

Cool Math - Amusement Park of Math

Seasonal Links - Easter - I will add new sites each day. This section will stay on until Easter

Coloring Pictures of Easter Bunnies

Bunny Coloring Page

Bunny Coloring Page

Bunny Coloring Page at ABCTeach

Easter Bunny Coloring Page

Easter Coloring Pages - Jan Brett - Includes rabbits

Easter Coloring Pages - Includes Rabbits

Easter Crafts - Includes Bunny Bag Activity

Easter Crafts - Includes a Bunny Mask

Easter Crafts - Includes Sit Up Bunny Activity

History of the Easter Bunny

Egg Safety

DLKT Easter Crafts

Easter Magic

Rosie’s Easter Basket

Billy Bear’s Happy Easter

Heather Holidaze for Easter

Easter Bunny’s Net


Absolutely Easter

Celebrating Easter with a Kid’s Heart

Easter at Primary Games

Daily Stuff - Stuff that Changes Daily
I have been leaving this on each day for daily stuff because it a wealth of fun information that changes daily. If you wish me to remove this section send me your comments about it.

Dear Abby

Virus List - Updated almost daily

Farm Journal Today

Good Morning America

TV Food Network - Recipes of the Day,1729,,00.html#recipeofday

Home and Garden Channel Shows,1102,FOLI_show_7,00.html

Recipe of the Day from Online Cookbook

Create Your Own Newsletter (My all time favorite of all sites on the net)

Cool Word of the Day

Word of the Day from

Word of the Day from Wordsmith

Word of the Day from Merriam-Webster

Dilbert’s List of the Day

Daily Wisdom Online

IRS Daily Digital Online

Crossword of the Day

Crossword of the Day - AOL

USA Today Daily Crossword Puzzle (My Favorite)

Daily Cryptogram

Daily Jigsaw Puzzle (uses shockwave)

Word Search of the Day

Washington Post Daily Crossword Puzzles

CNN Crossword Puzzle

Daily Moon Phases

Today in History - Scopes

Math Net’s Daily Puzzle

Recipe of the Day

Recipe of the Day,

Reverend Daily Cartoon

New Links

Family Circle Magazine

Fabulous Foods - Online Magazine - Has Easter Recipes

Cooking Light Online Magazine

Easter Crafts for Kids - Crafts you can do with your children or grandchildren

BoxPlanet Easter Crafts and Activities

Have a great day.

Nancy Rogers
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