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Mother's Day Activities
Easy to Do Mother’s Day Crafts
Mother's Day Coloring Pictures
Origins of Mother's Day
History of Mother's Day

Billy Bears Mother’s Day Crafts
Greeting Cards for Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day Greeting Cards
Pictures to Print Out and Color for Mother’s Day  
Easy-To-Make Mother's Day Crafts & Gifts
Mother’s Day Clip Art 
Victorian Clipart for Mother’s Day
History of Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day Page – Billy Bear
Greeting Cards for Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day Greeting Cards
Pictures to Print Out and Color for Mother’s Day
Easy-To-Make Mother's Day Crafts & Gifts
Activities for Kids – Mother’s Day
The Story of Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day at
Mother’s Day Celebration at Blackdog

Rexanne’s Mother’s Day Site
Mother’s Day Crafts from Enchanted Learning
Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids
Arts and Crafts for Mother’s Day
Recipes and Crafts for Mother’s Day
Happy Mother’s Day from the Holiday Spot
Everything Mother’s Day – Ideas, Crafts and More
Pitter Patter Craft Library for Mother’s Day
Auntie Annie’s Crafts for Mother’s Day
Billy Bears Mother’s Day Crafts
Angie’s Mother’s Day Crafts
Activities for Kids for Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day Arts and Crafts
Blackdogs Mother’s Day Celebration
Mother's Day Poem and Butterfly
Mother's Day Crafts
Garden Rock Mother's Day Gift Craft
Arts and Crafts for Mother’s Day
Makestuff Mother’s Day Arts and Crafts
Activities for Kids - Mother’s Day Banner

Activities for Kids - Mother’s Day Cup Insert
Mother’s Day Dinner - Cooking for Kids
Mother's Day Clipart

Mother's Day Poems

Keep an eye on the calendar and don't forget a gift for Mom this year.  Mothers Day gifts are very important and you need to leave time to find the perfect gift.   Gourmet gift baskets are a great idea for a gift and be the best gift Mom ever received.

Other Arts and Crafts for Kids
Butterfly Picture
Butterfly and Flower (Spring Picture)
Funology - The Science of Having Fun
Rainy Day Activities
A Bear with a Butterfly (Spring Picture)
Butterfly Spring Picture

May Calendar

May 1
1707 England, Wales & Scotland form UK of Great Britain
1840 1st adhesive postage stamps ("Penny Blacks" from England) issued
1841 1st emigrant wagon train leaves Independence MO for California
In 1844, Samuel Morse sends 1st telegraphic message
In 1889, Bayer introduces aspirin in powder form (Germany)
In 1964, 1st BASIC program runs on a computer (Dartmouth)
In 1971, Amtrak Railroad begins operation
In 1986, Tass reports Chernobyl nuclear power plant mishap

May 2
In 1497, John Cabot departs to North-America
In 1670, King Charles II charters Hudson Bay Company
In 1885, "Good Housekeeping" magazine is 1st published
In 1887, Hannibal W Goodwin patents celluloid photographic film
In 1890, Territory of Oklahoma created

May 3
In 1494, Columbus discovers Jamaica
In 1621, Francis Bacon accused of bribery
In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr delivers his "I have a dream" speech

May 4
In 1776, Rhode Island declares independence from England
In 1979, Margaret Thatcher elected prime minister of England 

May 5
In 1925, John T Scopes arrested for teaching evolution in Tennessee

May 7
In 1847, American Medical Association
organizes (Philadelphia)
In 1914, US Congress establishes mother's day
In 1888, George Eastman patents "Kodak box camera" How to Make and Use a Pinhole Camera
In 1960, USSR announces Francis Gary Powers confessed to being a CIA spy

May 8
In 1541, Hernando de Soto discovers Mississippi River
In 1794, US Post Office established

May 9
In 1899, Lawn mower patented

May 10
In 1503, Columbus discovers Cayman Islands
In 1924, J Edgar Hoover appointed head of FBI

May 11
1330 Constantinople (Istanbul) becomes new capital by Roman Emperor Constantine for Eastern Roman Empire
1751 1st US hospital founded (Pennsylvania Hospital)
1858 Minnesota admitted as 32nd US state
1947 BF Goodrich manufactures 1st tubeless tire, Akron OH
1949 1st Polaroid camera sold $89.95 (NYC)

May 13
1568 Mary Queen of Scots is defeated by English at battle of Langside
1934 Great dustbowl storm 
Dustbowls and their Damage
Surviving the Dust Bowl (PBS)
1930s Dustbowl
The Dustbowl During the Great Depression
1942 Helicopter makes its 1st cross-country flight

May 14
1607 1st permanent English settlement in New World, Jamestown VA
1702 England & Netherlands declares war on France & Spain (War of the Spanish Succession)
1796 1st smallpox inoculation administered, by Edward Jenner
1804 Lewis & Clark set out from St Louis for the Pacific Coast
1853 Gail Borden patents process for condensed milk
1904 1st Olympics in the US are held (St Louis)
1973 US Supreme court approves equal rights to females in military  

May 15
1602 Cape Cod discovered by English navigator Bartholomew Gosnold
1618 Johannes Kepler discovers harmonics law
1862 Department of Agriculture created
1940 Nylon stockings go on sale for 1st time (US)
1972 George Wallace shot & left paralyzed by Arthur Bremer in Laurel MD  

May 16
1568 Mary Queen of Scotland flees to England   Mary Stuart, Queen Of Scots    Mary Queen of Scots House, Jedburgh   Mary Queen of Scots   Mary Stuart, the Story

1817 Mississippi River steamboat service begins
1866 Congress authorizes nickel 5¢ piece (replaces silver half-dime)
1920 Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc) canonized a saint in Rome
1939 Food stamps are 1st issued


May 17
0218 7th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet
1673 Louis Joliet & Jacques Marquette begin exploring Mississippi
1804 Lewis & Clark begin exploration of the Louisiana Purchase
1845 Rubber band patents
1846 Saxophone is patented by Antoine Joseph Sax

May 18
1756 England declares war on France
1803 Britain declares war on France after General Napoleon Bonaparte continues
interfering in Italy & Switzerland
1804 Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed Emperor of France
1896 US Supreme court affirms "separate but equal" policy (Plessy v Ferguson)
1933 Tennessee Valley Act (TVA) Act signed by FDR, to build dams
1983 Senate revises immigration laws, gives millions of illegal aliens legal status under an amnesty program

May 19
1643 Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut & New Harbor form United Colonies of New England
1749 George II grants charter to Ohio Company to settle Ohio Valley
1862 Homestead Act becomes law provides cheap land for settlement of West
1884 Ringling Brothers circus premieres
1898 Post Office authorizes use of postcards

May 20
1310 Shoes were made for both right & left feet
1830 1st railroad timetable published in newspaper (Baltimore American)
1861 North Carolina becomes 11th & last state to secede from Union
1892 George Sampson patents clothes dryer
1926 Congress passes Air Commerce Act, licensing of pilots & planes
1926 Thomas Edison says Americans prefer silent movies over talkies
1927 At 7:40 AM, Lindbergh takes off from New York to cross Atlantic for Paris
1932 Amelia Earhart leaves Newfoundland 1st woman fly solo across Atlantic

May 21
0427 -BC- Plato
1804 Lewis & Clark Expedition begins
1840 New Zealand became a British colony
1861 North Carolina is 10th state to secede from Union
1881 American Red Cross founded by Clara Barton
1914 Greyhound Bus Company begins in Minnesota  

May 22
1570 1st atlas, with 70 maps, published
1803 1st public library opens (Connecticut)
1807 Former Vice President Aaron Burr is tried for treason in Richmond VA (acquitted)  

May 23
1922 Walt Disney incorporates his 1st film company Laugh-O-Gram Films
1939 Hitler proclaims he wants to move into Poland
1977 Supreme Court refuses to hear appeals of Watergate wrong doers H R Halderman, John Ehrlichman & John Mitchell

May 24
1846 General Zachary Taylor captures Monterrey in Mexican War
1856 Pottawatomie Massacre took place in Kansas
1915 Thomas Edison invents telescribe to record telephone conversations

May 25
1803 Ralph Waldo Emerson US, essayist/philosopher was born
1927 Henry Ford stops producing Model T car (begins Model A)
1961 JFK sets goal of putting a man on Moon before the end of decade
1964 Supreme Court rules closing schools to avoid desegregation unconstitututional

May 26
1805 Lewis & Clark 1st see Rocky Mountains
1946 Patent filed in US for H-Bomb

May 27
1844 Samuel F.B. Morse completes 1st telegraph line
1919 Charles Strite patents pop-up toaster
1930 Richard Drew invents masking tape
1937 Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco, dedicated  

May 28
1660 George I king of England (1714-27)
1539 Hernando de Soto lands in Florida
1926 US Customs Court created by congress
1972 White House "plumbers" break into Democratic National HQ at Watergate

May 29
1630 Charles II king of England (1660-85) was born
1739 Patrick Henry was born
1826 Ebenezer Butterick inventor (tissue paper dress pattern) was born
1848 Wisconsin becomes 30th state
1861 Dorothea Dix offers help in setting up hospitals for Union Army
1968 Truth in Lending Act signed into law

May 30
1498 Columbus departs with 6 ships for 3rd trip to America
1821 James Boyd patents Rubber Fire Hose
1896 1st car accident occurs, Henry Wells hit a bicyclist (NYC)
1872 Mahlon Loomis patents wireless telegraphy
1966 300 US airplanes bomb North Vietnam

May 31
1790 US copyright law enacted
1868 1st Memorial Day parade held in Ironton OH
1879 Madison Square Garden opens its doors
1955 Supreme Court orders school integration "with all deliberate speed"


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