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Welcome to A0K Teacher Stuff. The purpose of this site is to provide teachers, educators and parents with resources to work with their students or children.  It contains resources for reading, math, science, online reference books, special needs children information, and freebies for teachers.

History and Social Studies Resources

Ancient China
Ancient China Lesson Plan 6th Grade

(The) Vikings

Roman History
Daily Life in Ancient Rome
Eye Witness Reports
Roman and Greek Baths
Roman Army in Britain
Rome Electronic Passport
Roman Food Dishes (Ancient)
Rome History
Roman Empire In the First Century
Roman Empire Maps
Roman Empire Maps
Roman Empire Map
Roman Emperors Online Encyclopedia
Roman History
Roman Law
Roman History (Architecture)
Roman History (Decline of) Book can be downloaded
Roman History Sourcebook
Roman History Atlas
Roman Women (Ancient)
Roman World Gazetteer
Roman History (Illustrated)
Roman Technology Handbook
Romans (The)
Roman History Timeline
Roman World (Ancient)

Cleopatra's Palace

British History
Victorian Britain (Children)
Elizabethan England

Native American History/Culture
Native American Indians - National Museum
Native American Population by Tribe
The Pequot War - Pequot War Lectures
The Wampanoag People

Early America/Colonial America
Archiving Early America
Colonial America Trivia
Colonial America Lesson Plan
Colonial Charters, Grants and Related Documents
Cycles in US History Colonial Cycle (1589-1692)
What did the Colonists Eat?
Reproducible Map of Colonial America 1776

Salem Witch Trials
Salem Witch Trials
Understanding Slavery

American Revolutionary War
American Revolutionary War - Timeline
American Revolutionary War (PBS)
American Revolutionary War Women
American Revolutionary War - Birth of a Nation
American Revolutionary War Index
American Revolutionary War Virtual Trips
American Revolutionary War - American History
American Revolutionary War - The History Place
Cycles in US History - The Revolutionary War Cycle (1693-1787)

French Indian War
A Brief History of the French and Indian War

Civil War
Civil War at Charleston
Civil War Page
Civil War Battle Summaries by State
Civil War Center
Civil War Home (Shogun's)
Civil War Lesson Plan
Civil War Museum
Civil War Order of Battle
Civil War Rosters
Civil War Teacher Projects
Civil War Traveler in Virginia
Civil War Timeline
Civil War (Virginia)
Civil War at Smithsonian
Civil War Lesson Plan
Civil War Women
Civil War History (On this Day)
Civil War - Time of the Lincolns

Westward Movement
Pioneer Cooking
Historic Spanish and Mexican Recipes

Stock Market Crash of 1929
Stock Market Crash of 1929 (Game Virtual Stock Market)

Dust Bowl
Surviving the Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl
1930s Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl Days
The Dust Bowl
The Dust Bowl, the Years between the Wars
The Black Blizzard (Dust Bowl)
Dust Bowl, Can it Happen Again?
About the Dust Bowl
Dust Bowl WebQuest
Drought in the Dust Bowl Years


Cheer Me Up
Free Ecards


Have a

Sunny Day

I Love you
This Much


chicken dance electronic card
Chicken Dance

electronic greetings.  I love you like ice cream, humorous ecard
I Love You
Like Ice Cream

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